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USA Immigration Law Solutions offer quality legal services to our clients on a personalized basis. The main goal of our staff is to listen to our clients’ needs, offer the best solution and maintain client appraised of the process. Our success is a satisfied client.


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is a boutique law firm established in 2005 currently located near the Design District in Miami Florida. We offer quality legal services to our clients on a personalized basis. The main goal of our staff is to maintain regular client contact and respond to client phone calls and e-mails promptly.

The pandemic was a worldwide challenge  for everyone. Business owners and professionals were challenged to make smart and effective changes to continue maintaining the professionalism, quality  and integrity clients expect. Patricia Périssé Bochi’s innovative mind and attitude restructured the firm’s manner of services, such as utilizing safe online platforms that allow the flexibility for in-person or online assistance with the same, professional, personal, and effective legal services to a wide range of clients worldwide.

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When I was referred to you I was living through one of the worst moments of my life. The E2 visa represented a lot to me and my family, but it seemed like an impossible dream ... You were meticulous, cautious, straight forward, ethical and absolutely committed and dedicated in every detail. So we achieved victoriously this dream! I could write a book about this (and do may do). But in the meanwhile, I express my thankfulness and admiration to this competent professional and impeccable human being. May God bless you so that you may continue to be a vessel to bless other lives!

Alessandra Vaz Former Client

"Patricia Périssé Bochi’s legal advice is a guarantee of competency and a work done within the law."

Andre Mattos Former Client

Mrs. Patrícia is an excellent lawyer and has always acted with exemplary professionalism and was available to answer questions and analyze our case with unparalleled attention. We had a student visa issue that was resolved. Then I hired her again and got the news that my extraordinary skills visa had been approved and then our Greencard! Many thanks to the Attorney Patrícia Bochi and the team who took care of our cases with extreme dedication. I don't have enough words to thank her. She is the best immigration attorney!

Michelli Denardi Tamburus Former Client

We have been attorney Patricia Périssé Bochi’s clients for over 9 years. We have had an excellent experience. She is very professional and clearly communicates to us new laws‘ procedures. Thanks to you and your team, we are very satisfied. God bless you.

Marisela Sanabria Former Client

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Our educational channel provides expert guidance for aspiring immigrants, ensuring a secure and informed journey. Avoid pitfalls and serious problems. Join us to explore essential immigration topics presented by an attorney with twenty years of experience in the field. Please note that our channel offers educational content and not legal advice.

USA Immigration Law Solutions offer quality legal services to our clients on a personalized basis. The main goal of our staff is to listen to our clients’ needs, offer the best solution and maintain client appraised of the process. Our success is a satisfied client.

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